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Stories about 'Music'

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Songs and singers, concerts and gigs: you can tell your Glasgow music stories here.

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17/05/2005Any Good Memories
In the late '50s and early '60s there was a great Glasgow Rock Band called The Valiants. I don't remember any ...
JohnM (John Manson)
26/06/2005Macbeat Contest - Woodside Halls
Does anyone remember the Macbeat contests held in the Woodside Halls in the very early sixties? I remember the...
JohnM (John Manson)
05/07/2005The Beatles
When I left Lambhill Street School I went to work for the Glasgow South Co-op Head office in Coburg Street. It...
weejeanau_1347@hotma (jean marshall)
19/09/2005The Bing Boys
Do any of you older folks remember a singing group named the "Bing Boys"? It consisted of Joe Park, Jimmie Par...
jean_cure (jean cure)
28/09/2005The Fearless Five
In the very early '50s (and I mean real early), we formed a singing group called The Fearless Five. It was na...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
17/03/2005The Groovy Sixties
Glasgow was alive with music. I was a teenager. A perfect combination. My first memories of sixties pop mus...
punnaburra (Wee Bertie Toms)
05/10/2005The Oddfellow's Hall, Springburn
Does anyone remember the Oddfellow's Hall and the dances which took place there? My father played in a dance...
Curly (Carole Noden)
11/07/2005The Orange Walk
The glorious 12th of July. This happy, summer holiday, Saturday event was a great spectacle for me to behold. ...
tazza (tazza macleod)


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