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Stories about 'Urban Myths'

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We all know it's not true that the Kelvingrove Museum was built back-to-front, no matter what the taxi drivers tell us! Do you know another urban myth about Glasgow?

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14/03/2005Glasgow's Name
Maybe this short account should go under another heading as it is not strictly speaking a myth. As a Glasgo...
Aonghas Mor (Angus MacPhee)
18/05/2005The Gorbals White Lady
Being a member of the Gorbals Heritage Environment Trust and voluntary researcher in the Gorbals, Southern Nec...
happy reaper (Colin Mackie)
15/03/2005The Lucky Middens
In the 1940s there was a story that somewhere in Glasgow there were middens where the owners of the houses thr...
sweenie (Jean Kendal)
24/04/2005The Vampire in the Graveyard
I remember back in the early fifties when I attended Wolseley Street Primary, a rumour spread that there was a...
Saucy (Norman Ross)


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