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Stories about 'Entertainment'

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For generations, Glasgow has been one of the entertainment capitals of the UK with a thriving culture of movie-going, dancing, theatres, pantomime, pubs and other formal activities.

Do you have treasured memories of an artist or venue, or a really special night-out? We'd be glad to hear them!

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Who remembers "The One O'clock Gang" from the Theatre Royal? Larry Marshall and Dorothy Paul hamming it up as...
tazza (tazza macleod)
21/08/2005The Late Chic Murray
How many of you remember the late Chic Murray? One of the funniest guys on the planet. I remember seeing...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
18/08/2005Glasgow's Empire Exhibition, 1938
1938 was a great year in Glasgow's history. It was the year of the Empire Exhibition, an exhibition which brou...
Dugald (John Milloy)
09/08/2005Lucky Number 17
"Aw ye're dancin?" "Naw it's the way ah saunter," and "This tram gang the Barraland? "Aw Naw, this tram canny ...
peter.howden (peter howden)
04/07/2005Stars in Their Eyes 1947 Style
In 1947 a then famous show business personality named Jack E Raymond decided to hold a special kind of show i...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
03/06/2005Don't Forget the Wireless
Although the Cinema was by far the biggest form of entertainment in Glasgow, it was by no means the only one. ...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
13/05/2005Lobey Dosser & Co
Who among you remembers Lobey Dosser I wonder? With his brother Dunny Dosser and all of his compatriots. His ...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
12/05/2005"The Pictures"
Street games were all the rage during the summer months. We would play all night after school until darkess p...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
09/05/2005Stars at the Glasgow Empire
From 1947 until 1951 my uncle John, my mother's half brother, played clarinet and saxaphone in the Glasgow Emp...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
18/03/2005Radio Highlights
Marion Quillan's "Radiograms and Other Wonders" struck a few chords and rang a few bells as well as tugging at...
Rockajock (Tony Jaconelli)
09/03/2005The Baths
It may not have been the warm sparkling waters of The Gulf of Mexico, but it was "The Baths". Living in Ruc...
punnaburra (Wee Bertie Toms)
19/02/2005Radiograms and Other Wonders
Our radiogram was the size of a small sideboard. We loved it. The pick up head was 2 inches square with stee...
marion.quillan (marion quillan)
03/02/2005Glasgow Corporation Transport Pipe Band
In a new 21st century, when pipe-bands from all over the world proliferate and World Championship trophies are...
Aonghas Mor (Angus MacPhee)
14/01/2005The Forties - My Time for Play
It is hard to imagine now that we could entertain ourselves without the aid of television and radio, yet bored...
Rockajock (Tony Jaconelli)
12/01/2005Tommy Steele At The Glasgow Empire
You didn't want to be part of "Freddy Bell and The BellBoys", not really. They were never going to win. Oh, th...
dougie99 (doug heath)


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