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Stories about 'Fashions'

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Bobby-sox, drainpipes, bee-hives and suedeheads... What is your favourite-ever fashion garment or hairstyle? And what are the fashions that make you cringe - as modelled by other people, or by yourself!

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12/05/2005Sloppy Joes at the Co
In these days of mass media persuasion and the seemingly endless choices that kids as young as six months have...
boydcalder (Boyd Calder)
When I was fifteen my Dad asked me what I would like for my Birthday. Within reason of course! My first though...
Rockajock (Tony Jaconelli)
25/11/2005Tally Suits from Jackson the Tailor
Well I remember the "Tally Suit". Wee short jacket, and trousers so tight you had to jump off the pulley to g...
JohnM (John Manson)
18/08/2005Long Trousers
I left school at the age of 14, which was perfectly normal. As a leaving present my parents decided it was ...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
30/08/2005My Gabardine Coat and Bird's-eye Suit, circa 1950
As a young man living in Glasgow back in the late forties and early fifties, I was caught in the double-breast...
Dugald (John Milloy)
09/02/2005Glasgow Boys in Fashion
In the late fifties and early sixties girls were going from sticky out frilly skirts to narrow sheath dresses ...
marion.quillan (marion quillan)
25/01/2005Kids' Clothes
As a child of the Gorbals most of the kids wore pretty much the same clothes. These consisted of a t-shirt li...
Niklas (Niklas Schier)
It was the early sixties and I was in primary seven. There was a girl in my class who made underskirts and ev...
weeanne66 (Catherine Shields)


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