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Stories about 'Cafes'

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For generations of young Glaswegians, the local "caff" provided a convenient place to meet friends and while away the hours. Do you have fond memories of a cafe, its owners, or the food, drinks and sweeties it sold? We'd love to read them!

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18/09/2005Favourite Meals to Each Cafe
I think it's true to say that certain cafes spring to mind by remembering a favourite meal that was enjoyed in...
billy1 (bill alexander)
In the Townhead there were a couple of cafes we frequented. Gizzi's in Parliamentary Road. This is where we ...
freddie2412 (Winifred Henry)
15/01/2005Tallie's (Italian) Ice Cream Cafe
My first memory of a "sit-down" was at the Italian ice cream restaurant on the main street near Buccleuch Stre...
mandurah (tazza macleod)
13/07/2005The Blue Lagoon
Our favourite Cafe was The Blue Lagoon in Maryhill Road near St George's Cross, run by an Italian (who else?) ...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
18/09/2005Peters Cafe Trongate
Coming from the "fire station" my family and I would go to Peter's Cafe after mass at St Alphonsus on a Sunday...
mclafferty (annemarie mclafferty)
19/02/2005The Light Blue Cafe
The Light Blue cafe at 144 Copland Road was owned by the Canale family and was run by Nona and her daughter Ma...
jackandjean (Jack Middleton)
18/01/2005Teenage Formative Years
Growing up in the 1950s as a teenager in Maryhill seemed a fairly easy time in my life. The days were fully o...
frankthetank1136 (frank rennie)
02/06/2005The Piccadilly
Working my way through the headings of OurGlasgowStory, I thought I would mention the Piccadilly. This was at ...
Saucy the Pheonix (Norman Ross)


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