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Stories about 'Glasgow Family History'

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Researching family history is one of Scotland's most popular leisure pursuits, and can throw up colourful details about the lives and times of our ancestors. Do you have an unusual or intriguing story about an ancestor who lived in Glasgow? You can share it here.

And if your ancestors came to Glasgow from another country or part of Scotland, why not write their stories and upload them to the "New Glaswegians" section below?

There are currently 11 stories in this category. To read a story click on its title.

22/11/2005Collina Street Maryhill
I was born in September 1946. Between the ages of 1 and 9 I lived in a prefab house at 8 Collina Street, Maryh...
Alex Saville (Alex Saville)
02/10/2005Silver paper and Wee Murn's
After being on holiday, I wanted an update on what has been happening in O.G.S. Having missed a few stories, ...
Saucy the Pheonix (Norman Ross)
25/08/2005All Our Yesterdays
Today I was writing a story to the site when my son telephoned. As he had led me into the admittedly fascinati...
Saucy the Pheonix (Norman Ross)
08/08/2005The Poor House
My Dad John was born in Barnhill Poorhouse in Springburn in 1920. The story we grew up with was that his mum M...
weeanne66 (Catherine Shields)
06/08/2005Growing up in Glasgow
What I remember was we had the best times with not much money. We created things with mud, old tins and t...
weejeanau_1347@hotma (jean marshall)
06/06/2005 Honeymoon Night From Hell
I met Jean in 1951 when she came to work beside me in a large warehouse in the centre of Glasgow (Glens, to be...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
01/06/2005The Cley (Clay) Pits
With comments coming in about where children swam, it reminded me of the clay pits at Molls Myre near Shawfiel...
Saucy the Pheonix (Norman Ross)
20/05/2005Springburn Heritage
My late father used tell us tales of his and his father's youth in Springburn. My father was born in 1915 ...
boydcalder (Boyd Calder)
16/05/2005Clydebank and Glasgow Memories
I know, Clydebank isn't exactly Glasgow, but some of my fondest memories when I was a child were taking the tr...
katearnott (Christina Hawkins)
27/04/2005Templeton Mill Disaster 1889
I have a bible which was given to my grandmother, Kate Dunsmore in 1889 when she was 14 years old. She gave it...
katearnott (Christina Hawkins)
09/04/2005A Life in Glasgow
I was born on Boxing Day 1929, yes I am 75 years old now. I was born and bred in Glasgow, in the Cowcaddens to...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)


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