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Stories about 'Heroes'

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Do you have a Glasgow hero? A sportsman or sportswoman, or someone from the world of politics, music or the stage? Perhaps yours is an unsung hero - a teacher, a minister or someone else who made a major impact on the history of the city or one of its neighbourhood, but who has never attracted fame and publicity.
Why not write about your Glasgow hero and share your memories with readers of OurGlasgowStory!

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19/09/2005A Dream
My Hero was Henrik Larsson, one of the greatest footballers to play for Celtic. When Henrik was leaving I wrot...
weeanne66 (Catherine Shields)
31/05/2005Charlie Tully
I well remember Charlie Tully! They said at the time that if you cut off his arms he wouldn't be able to play ...
Rockajock (Tony Jaconelli)
30/05/2005Charlie Tully
Footballer Charlie Tully was my greatest hero, in more ways than one. In 1948 I was in the Army when Celtic...
tommy Mac (Thomas Mc Sorley)
29/05/2005Ordinary Folk
People always fascinated me as a youngster and random acts of kindness always amazed me and still do. That...
tazza (tazza macleod)
02/05/2005The Scottish Emigrant
No heroes like dead heroes - a cliché but probably true for all that. When we hear about the lives our forefa...
marion.quillan (marion quillan)
02/03/2005The Real Heroes: Yesterday's Kids
According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the '30s, '50s, '60s and '70s pr...
Niklas (Niklas Schier)
08/02/2005The Glasgow School of Art
My four-year course at the world-famous Glasgow School of Art, from 1948 to 1952, brought me into contact with...
Aonghas Mor (Angus MacPhee)
30/01/2005The Lamp Lighter (The Leerie)
All powerful lamplighter. I used to watch for him coming up Bucchleuch Street to Dalhousie Street, every night...
mandurah (tazza macleod)


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